Buddhist philosophy aligns beautifully with the Law of Attraction due to its emphasis on perception, thought, speech, and action. Right thought, for example, means to harm no person or thing through negative thought, including yourself, and to avoid desire and cravings and ill will. Instead, Buddhism emphasizes cultivating thoughts of goodwilll, love, and gratitude. Speech should never be critical, harsh, or malevolent, instead, it should be gentle, kind, truthful, and appropriate and place. Having a generosity of spirit and gratitude for the blessings you already have are as important in Buddhist practice as they are for deliberately working with the Law of Attraction
Do No Harm the Buddhist Way
Throughout an average day in your life, are you thinking lovingly of the welfare of others or falling into a pattern of criticizing others for everything that makes you unhappy and stressed out?
Your thoughts are as powerful as a spoken word. Words, like your actions, are creating your karma and when the elements are ripe for those words and actions to bear fruit (whether good or bad), they will.
Sow Love and Reap Joy
It is often difficult to assess whether or not an ill person has experienced a miraculous cure. Certainly doctors can attest to the recovery but explaining such a sudden (sometimes instantaneous) recovery in someone who has been diagnosed with a chronic affliction or terminal disease can be impossible. Still, many people do recover through the power of their faith and unshakable belief that they will become healthy again. When they have such faith and belief of having excellent health, they are setting up a powerful force for attracting recovery through the Law of Attraction. For a healing to be deemed miraculous, the church undertakes a thorough investigation to rule out other possible explanations. When there is no explanation, the person’s cure is deemed a miracle.
Believe and You May Be Healed
Many Christians are divided on whether or not the Law of Attraction alights with Christian beliefs. Those against the Law assert that when people believe that they create their lives and everything in them, they diminish or eliminate God as Creator and practice self-deification. The claim that you can have ultimate knowledge and become godlike is what the serpent promised Eve in the Garden of Eden when tempting her to defy God’s command to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve apparently formed a strong desire to have what the serpent promised her.
Christians Debate the Law of Attraction
Seeking prosperity, abundance, inner joy, and peace and counsels that the job of each person is to decide what he or she wants. Mystics have always desired to draw nearer to God and to learn how to express His love to others.
That longing for the Devine has found resonance in the lives manifestation of the Divine in the physical world is represented by the myriad expression of divine love.
Know that Devine Love is Reflected as Inner Joy
Through the ages, many people have turned to religion to search for wisdom about their life’s meaning and purpose. Even the ancients understood that knowledge equates with power. During the Middle Ages, some who sought spiritual insight joined religious orders where higher learning was accessible. In the last century, seekers increasingly turned to Eastern philosophies. The decade of the seventies witnessed the use of “mind-expanding” drugs to enter alternative states of consciousness where they believed the secrets of the universe would become unconcealed. Today’s wisdom seekers mind ancient traditions, science, and other sources.
Seek Wisdoms from Many Sources
"If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you" (John 15:7).
Living his life in tune with the purpose for which he had been sent to earth, Jesus showed through example how to love all, give much, believe all things are possible when your own power is aligned with God, and pray often with a heart of thankfulness.
Faith Makes All Things Possible

Great accomplishment start with intent and small actions.

When you nurture the seeds of divinity within, the Law of Attraction makes possible an unfolding of your spiritual consciousness and brings to you or guides you to the means to help yourself and others.

How Jesus Demonstrated the Law of Attraction
For those seeking better health, abundant career opportunities, better family relationships, or stepped-up personal growth, the Rosicrucian Order and other spiritual traditions can reveal how to actualize those desires. People can literally re-set a new course for their lives once they understand the wisdom ways taught by the Rosicrucian Order. The path believers walk is necessarily an inner path into the secrets of the Self, and it is the path that mystics have walked for centuries.
Manifest Your Highest Potential
When a leader and a group of people are holding a common vision for a goal, feeling expectant and joyful about the possibility of achieving it, and remaining focused while also putting energy toward accomplishing the goal every day, they are following a powerful recipe for success in manifesting their collective desire.
The Jew’s goal was to get to the Promised Land even though it meant that they had to walk for forty years in the desert. Nevertheless, their belief that God was guiding them remained strong, steady, and focused. It allowed for their miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, safe passage through lands owned by their enemies, and, finally, entry to the Promised Land, the culmination of their jointly held dream.
Collective Desire Creates Positive Results